Diego Carreno – B. Physiotherapy (Honours)

Hi my name is Diego Carreno and I’m a Physiotherapist at Canton Beach Physio. I am a husband to a beautiful wife and father to a handsome dog. I enjoy multiple activities such as soccer (football), hiking and swimming and love music.

My whole life I have enjoyed watching and playing soccer, but when I was 16 I was unfortunately injured after playing a game of soccer. My left knee lost it’s ACL and my meniscus was damaged. I attended physiotherapy before and after surgery, and knew at that point that I wanted to become a Physiotherapist myself.

What enthralled me the most was the anatomy and how complex it is but how similar all the patterns are, and how the body talks to you through the nervous system. And what I want most now as a Physiotherapist is for people to feel like they know their body a lot more and are empowered with knowledge to feel better.

The areas of Physiotherapy that interest me most are education for patients and specific exercises to assist in their journey. I want people to know that the care being provided is not only in their best interest but a combined effort, as I will always work with people to achieve their goals.

I look forward to meeting you and achieving your goals.


If you would like to make an appointment with Diego, please call (02) 4396 5686 or mention Diego when you fill in our online booking form.